Tax Consulting

Simons Accountancy Corporation can assist you with transactions and planning, or help you find another firm or service that can fulfill your needs. We care about our clients and strive to provide the best service for them, even if that means recommending another trusted professional.

  • Full Service Payroll
    Many of our clients prefer to have us deal with the payroll aspects of running their small business. We prepare a company’s payroll checks and have them delivered to their office on payday. In addition, we also calculate and provide all of the necessary payroll tax deposit requirements.
  • Software Review and Assistance
    We can review your software needs, and help you assess what new software or updates would best suit your company’s needs. After a thorough review, we can then help install and implement the new software, plus provide additional training and support to your employees.
  • Business Management
    In today’s business world, high income/net worth individuals need sophisticated business management assistance. Simons Accountancy Corporation is qualified to provide cash management, financial reporting and check writing services to provide our high income/net worth clients with a cost-effective specialization.